Barefaced was born in 2012 after I graduated with a Journalism degree from London College of Fashion and needed a creative outlet for my love of all things beauty. As I grew in my career in PR,  the blog has grown with me to include my passion for food, travel and lifestyle.

My Journey to Health

In early 2018, I began to suffer from a chronic and debilitating health condition. Though at the time I thought my lifestyle was a health-conscious one, my ill health really made me take a look at everything under a microscope, including what I ate, drank, did too much of (work, worry, stress) and didn’t do enough of (relax & exercise).

The Here & Now

And so Barefaced has become a place for me to share what I find on my way including yummy plant-based, gluten-free recipes, healthy places to eat out in London, beauty that inspires confidence and lifts the spirit, and relaxation & self-care tips that really help to reset the mind (the connection between the mind and physical body is proven) in a positive way.

I hope to inspire anyone who is on a similar journey to mine or is simply browsing for honest reviews of places and brands I truly love.

Claire x