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The ultimate last minute party prep heroes

The countdown to Christmas and New Year’s Eve has been on for a while now,  but if you’re anything like us and have been too busy present shopping (for yourself) and food and drink ‘tasting’ (also for yourself) then you need these ultimate party prep products in your life.

Claire Gratzke has found the best products that work instantly and brilliantly, so you don’t have to worry about booking in that emergency salon appointment and can smugly sip on a Bailey’s while looking like the ultimate goddess that you are.


Everyone instantly looks healthier and party-ready with a subtle golden glow. Avoid going orange – don’t panic and apply any old fake tan the night before a party, instead invest in the amazing Fake Bake Passion Fruit Skin Polish (£10) to avoid any patchiness and follow with 5-Minute Ready To Wear Mousse (£22) or Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum (£29.95) – a beauty and bronzing hybrid packed with carefully selected, skin-loving ingredients to create the most natural, believable and enviable self-tan result.


A must-have this festive season is a red lip, but red accentuates any yellow tones of your teeth so make sure to prep with Billion Dollar Smile – a luxury celebrity go-to teeth whitening brand that provides safe, 100% natural easy-to-use whitening kits. This amazingly handy little Billion Dollar Smile LED Mini Light Kit ( £40) comes with an LED light for more instant results. For even less hassle, try the ultra-thin, easy-to-use mint flavoured Billion Dollar Smile Strips (£22.50)  which immediately get to work at whitening your teeth when applied, dissolving stains to reveal a noticeably whiter Hollywood smile!


No time for a facial? Go for acids, as they naturally exfoliate the skin revealing brighter, more beautiful skin – the perfect canvas for that dewy party look that is so in vogue right now. Achieve the best results with a Glycolic acid cleanser such as Transformulas Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser (19.95) deep pore-cleansing gel. It stimulates and reveals new skin cells and activates collagen growth –  perfect for restoring, renewing and recharging the skin’s surface just by washing your face.



Lackluster hair is a no-no, so get your mitts on Pantene’s Air-Light Foam Conditioner (£3.99), specifically formulated for fine hair. Locks will look and feel strong and beautiful with a conditioning treatment that won’t weight them down or leave any greasy residue! This amazing in-shower foam makes skipping conditioner a thing of the past.

Available at Boots and Superdrug stores.