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Transparent beauty

Have you ever looked at the ingredients some of your beauty products contain? Some of the names of which I can’t even pronounce in my head got me thinking, what is IN all this stuff?

in the mix

1. Synthetic Fragrances often contain phthalates (pronounced thay-lates), synthetic chemicals commonly used to stabilize fragrances and make plastic more pliable. These chemicals mimic hormones and may alter genital development and are highly allergenic. Companies do not have to list the chemicals used in fragrances and most products contain large quantities of toxins and chemicals not disclosed. Avoid products that list fragrance as an ingredient unless the label states that it’s been derived from essentials oils, or look for a phthalate-free label on the packaging. Worryingly, ‘fragrance-free’ means that fragrance chemicals have been added to the product to mask the natural aromas of the ingredients!

2. Parabens are a very common ingredient in skincare. They preserve other ingredients and extend a product’s shelf life–but these antimicrobial chemicals also have hormone-disrupting effects.

3. Silicone is a synthetic additive used to provide emolliency. Some forms of silicone such as Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane, Methicone, and Phenyl Trimethicone (cannot pronounce ANY of these) can be harmful or irritating to the skin.

It’s more than likely we have all been using these products with these ingredients for a while now. As they are in so many of the things you use daily, you just can’t avoid them.  If like us you feel natural beauty products could be the way to go and you’d like to cut down on the list of unpronounceable ingredients in your toiletries here are a few great products to try.

natural products

After some research, we found that natural beauty products can be on the more expensive side and were left a bit torn. Is it worth spending more when you can buy a cream in almost any store for half the price? When we stumbled upon the website, which sells products made especially with teen skin and budget in mind we felt distinctly happier to give nature a go.

Our appetite for natural skincare has well and truly been whet. Other favourites here at Barefaced are Steam Cream, Simple, Sanex and Lush.


Some brands are complete saints and also don’t believe in animal testing, you can see a massive list of all companies which are against testing at Peta’s site.


Why don’t you go one even better and make it all yourself! Disclaimer: the following may look and smell good enough to eat, but we advise you not to try.

Easy oatmeal scrub

This scrub helps combat acne and makes your skin oh so smooth.

1. Warm oatmeal
2. Let cool off until you know your face can take that heat.
3. Let sit on your face for 10-20 min.
4. Remove gently with a damp cloth.

Yummy honey bath

Herbalists have loved honey for centuries, not just because it tastes so good but because it helps skin retain moisture too.

1. Take 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 cup of warm water.
2. Dissolve the honey in the water.
3. Pour the mixture into the bath.
4. Makes 1 cup, enough for 1 bath.

And you can add in essential oils to everything you make so it smell just the way you want! We love lavender to help relax the mind. Good enough to eat, except we advise you not to try .