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This gadget will help you drink more water

The Citrus Zinger Gift Pack has redefined the way we enjoy water with an enhanced juicy fruity taste. Get rid of high calorie juice drinks and instead enjoy an infusion of fresh juice in your water on the go!

Blend your own flavours using the range of juicers and cutters provided in this set to come up with new and exciting drinks that fit with your taste buds exactly. Whether it’s Lemon and Lime, Kiwi and Cucumber or Clementine’s you fancy the choice is yours. With the Citrus Zinger it’s simple, easy and very, very tasty. All you need to do to produce your perfect infusion is untwist the bottom cup of your zinger turn it upside down, squeeze and slice your fruits of choice into the cup and put the bottom back on. Fill up the top with water and you are good to go. Add a new twist to your hydration with great flavour combinations whether you are at the gym, in your yoga session out running the road or in the office.

The Citrus Zinger Gift Pack is easy to clean. It’s completely reusable and the 795ml bottle is BPA/Halogen/EA and Phthalate- free making it safe for continuous use. It’s also been pressure tested ensuring it is safe for use with carbonated water, so if you want fizz-zing water you can use this. The Citrus Zinger Gift Pack includes the; Citrus Zinger 795ml Bottle, Citrus press for lemons, limes and clementine’s, Cucumber slicer and a Kiwi press for a refreshing dash of tropical flavour. Once you have enjoyed your freshly made fruit creation you can pop your zinger into the dishwasher ready to invent your next big flavour creation.

The Citrus Zinger Zinger Gift Pack is available to buy from Root7 priced £20

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