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The Ultimate Detox Juice

With the festive season of eating and drinking to our hearts content now truly behind us, it’s time to start giving our bodies some well-deserved vitamins. Belgian bakery and restaurant Le Pain Quotidien has a range of cold pressed fresh juices on offer,  which unlike pasteurised juices are not heated and so retain far more nutrients.


Just in time for the detox season, Le Pain Quotidien has created a special Fresh Pressed Cleansing Detox Juice (£4.30) which is pressed daily in the restaurant’s kitchen with market fresh celery, apple, kale & parsley.

Le Pain Quotidien’s regular menu includes ‘1-a-day Green Guice’ made from apple, swiss chard, celery, orange and ginger; the ‘Immune boost’ juice with orange and ginger; and the ‘Pineapple, melon and apple juice’ with just that!


Along with the range of freshly pressed juices, Le Pain Quotidien also serves healthy breakfast dishes,  seasonal soups and detox salads, plus signature tartines including the Avocado Omega Boost.