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Spa Illuminata

On a quest to brighten up the cold January days, Claire Gratzke seeks
beauty-refuge in an illuminating oasis of calm…

Spa Illuminata is a haven of tranquility, exuding a timeless elegance, situated in the heart of London’s stylish Mayfair. The Luxury Day Spa offers a peaceful environment to nurture the mind and body, using the expertise of its highly skilled therapists. Spa Illuminata combines ancient healing and restorative powers of nature with the most advance techniques of modern science, to offer a unique approach to holistic skin and body care.

I was offered a perfectly timed detoxifying body treatment and a high-tech facial – exactly what my drab, lacklustre skin needed during miserable January!

DECLÉOR Aromatic Silhouette Aroma Body Wrap
The DECLÉOR Silhouette Aroma Wrap Ritual, which is described as a detoxifying experience, begins with full body exfoliation and massage to disperse energy-sapping toxins and to prep the body for the marine algae mask. The mask is applied all over the body, which is then wrapped in clingfilm, covered by a thermal blanket. I felt like I was baking in an oven, and in a matter of moments was sweating out all the toxins! The mask is rich in minerals that break down fatty deposits, drain away toxins and eliminate water retention, combating the bloated feeling so many of us experience post Christmas overindulgence. The mask is then showered off and I am told to drink lots of water to keep my body hydrated. I definitely feel lighter and “tighter”, though I don’t think it will be showing any results on the scales.
Duration: 1 hr, Price:£100

CARITA facial
Following my body treatment I was led into another beautifully relaxing treatment room for my facial. I had booked in for the CARITA facial, as this was a brand I hadn’t heard much about but was very keen to try! CARITA’s treatments are born from a unique fusion of science and nature, offering luxurious and highly effective facials, giving the ultimate rejuvenating and anti-ageing skincare experience. By using a unique combination of specialised massage, scientifically formulated phytotherapy skincare and the exclusive ‘Pro-lift’ technology, these treatments claim to have instant lifting results. This was not like any facial I’ve had before, as I lay down next to a very high-tech looking touch screen Carita machine – which was connected to little ‘spoons’ used on my face after a deep cleanse to pulsate electricity through my skin, so the luxurious products penetrate even deeper and work more effectively. This wasn’t the only gadget, as my therapist put on pulsating gloves, which enhanced her facial massage even more. Once I’d gotten used to the faint buzzing sound, this amazing sensation completely relaxed away all tension.  The result was fantastic, as my skin appeared calm, refreshed, and with no redness at all.
Duration: 1 hr, Price: from £100

Spa Illuminata, 63 South Audley Street, London, W1K 2QS 
To book call: 020 7499 7777 or visit