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Sensitive Skin Saviours

Sensitive skin can’t handle trialling different lotions and potions to find one miracle product that won’t irritate…so we’ve done it for you.


We’re a fan of the entire REN range, but for sensitive skin we can’t recommend the Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum (£28) enough. It combats redness, calms irritation and boosts skin’s tolerance to environmental aggression. It actively trains skin to be less reactive and keeps it looking younger for longer by protecting it against the causes of premature ageing such inflammation, redness, dehydration, UV rays, pollution and free radicals.

Milk Polypeptides calm and strengthen skin while Beta-Glucan soothes redness and irritation. Rice protein boosts the lifespan of cells responsible for skin volume and Rumex, a wild herb, reduces swelling and prevents hyperpigmentation. Hyaluronic Acid helps keep skin well hydrated.