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New in: Frezyderm serum and moisturiser review

Frezyderm is a Greek skincare brand which delivers high quality products that conform to strict pharmaceutical standards. Research has shown Frezyderm ranks first among several multinational companies in terms of scientific updates on cosmetic products, so we thought we’d put two of their popular products to the test! Read on to see what we thought of their Revitalising Serum and 24 hour Moisturising Cream.

First up, the Revitalising Serum (£24.50) which claims to reduce wrinkles by 78%. This serum, which is paraben free, has an anti-ageing, revitalising effect. Applying a few drops to the face and neck saw our skin become immediately softer and smoother and definitely more refined. The formula’s active ingredients provide the skin cells with oxygen, increasing the skin’s elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles – we didn’t see this effect immediately, though it may help keep wrinkles at bay in the future. The serum also enhances the effects of your mousituriser.

The consistency of the serum is lovely and light and it did a really, really good job at smoothing the skin and prepping it for moisturiser.

The Moisturizing 24h Cream (£16.50) is a soft and refreshing cream ideal for ages 20+. It’s a rich (yet feels light to the touch) cream that is said to give you long-lasting hydration and boosts collagen – in fact it claims to give you 50% more hydrated skin even 7 hours after application!

We found this cream a dream to put on. The texture was light and non-oily but you could feel the moisture surge into the skin on application. The smell was an all round winner, honestly SO GOOD yet still subtle and delicate enough though for those who hate scented creams. It’s quickly absorbed and leaves no residue making it a great makeup base if you don’t want to use a make up primer. It was also nourishing enough to use as a night cream as well.

We really rate these two Frezyderm products and think the price point for them is spot on and affordable for such good quality products. The only downside would have to be the packaging as the pump applicators feel a little flimsy/ take a while to get used to and makes them a little un-travel-friendly.

All Frezyderm products are available to buy online here.