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Lavender is synonymous with aiding a good night’s sleep, but did you know that it is not only one of the most potent medicinal plants but it’s also incredible for your skin?

The purple plant restores skin complexion and reduces acne due to its antibacterial properties. The powerful antioxidants in the oil prevent ageing and reduce wrinkles and the anti inflammatory properties make lavender excellent for use on sensitive skin, relieving symptoms of eczema and psoriasis – sign us up! New Hall Lavender harnesses all the goodness of lavender which is grown organically on-site in West Sussex and harvested by hand. Producing in small batches, New Hall can make sure the quality of every drop of the product which is handmade in the kitchen next to the field, is of the best quality. The gorgeous blue glass pots add to the luxurious feeling and when you open a jar and take a sniff it’s like your standing in your very own lavender field!

So, how did the products live up to the claims?

For a start, all products are made by hand using 100% natural and organic ingredients, which means no synthetics, no preservatives, no chemicals, no perfumes for fragrance, just lavender. And all ingredients are listed in plain English (hurrah!).

The  Daily Moisturiser (£36 for 50ml) soaks in quickly while providing rich nourishment with a luxurious blend of cold pressed, organic oils, shea butter and  Lavender Essential Oil. This cream is ideal for a busy morning as you can apply your make up straight after applying the cream – there is no greasy or sticky feeling on your skin, but we especially loved it as a night cream – it glides onto the skin and sinks in through the night so you awaken with a plumped up, dewy and rested complexion – as with the whole of this line, these products brought us a sense of calm and relaxation, so again perfect for before bed time.

The moisturiser is ideal for sensitive skin and it has no Parabens! For someone with sensitive skin that can break out easily, especially with aromatherapy type oils, this did not break me out and infact in the past 8 weeks of using this cream my skin looks clear and healthy (can’t wholly be attributed to this cream as I use a range of AHA’s  and Retinoids etc, but the fact is it didn’t break me out).


This gorgeous cream is also ethical, with fair trade ingredients, recyclable containers and biodegradable and vegan, not tested on animals and using sustainably farmed lavender, an oasis for bees and butterflies.

The Anti-Ageing Serum (£58 for 30ml) is a raw, concentrated plant goodness for your skin. With 13 cold pressed, organic oils, it is packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients and nourishing fats.  For best results apply four to six drops directly on your clean face with the precision pipette. You don’t need more that that, so it is a really cost effective product. The Serum will leave a smooth, non-greasy feel, and though the website says that moisturiser to follow is optional, it really is lovely with the daily moisturiser applied on top for a real nourishing treat for the skin.

We loved using it as a night treatment, especially in the winter months or after a day out in the sun as it calms down and soothes the skin.


It’s claims are rather impressive, so we’ve listed what the website says below:

  • Reduces appearance of all signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles with vitamin e, a and c from Sea Bucktorn and Kahai Oil
  • Reduces sun damage and scarring with antioxidants from Camelia Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Elderberry Oil
  • Increases skin elasticity and glow with Oleic Acid Apricot Oil and Hemp Seed Oil
  • Reduces and calms irritated skin and dry patches with Milk Thistle Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil

Well the list of ingredients (Apricot, Kahai, Elderberry, Sea Buckthorn, Red Raspberry Seed, Argan, Evening Primrose, Camelia Seed, Black Cumin Seed, Hempseed, Milk Thistle and Lavender Essential Oil and it does not contain any mineral oil) is just beautiful and the results were fantastic, with plumped up, non greasy skin. A real winner.

New Hall Lavender Facial Toner (£18 for 100ml) is the perfect treat after a long day! Spray onto skin and neck and let the mist sink in for about a minute, swipe residue off with a cotton pad.


Now this is the most calming, for both skin and mind, the blissful aroma of our lavender hydrosol. It cleanses without alcohol due to the natural anti bacterial properties of lavender, so isn’t at all irritating.

It delivers moisture and so perfectly enhances the performance of moisturisers and serums, and I’d like to keep one on my bedside to help me drift off to sleep and one at my desk for when things get a little stressful – the perfect mindfulness spray that also has skincare benefits!

The whole range, which also includes a lip balm, uses a beautiful selection of natural oils and waxes create the most luxurious skincare experience and can be found at