Cruelty Free

New cruelty free hub on Barefaced!

Barefaced has decided to create a 100% cruelty free hub to sit alongside our usual content on the website! As we review things all around London (and the world), the entire site obviously cannot be completely cruelty-free, but we hope this section will be helpful to those who follow this lifestyle, and even those who don’t.

All recipes filed here will be vegetarian and vegan, or with a vegan option as will restaurant and menu reviews. We may visit a restaurant that serves meat, but pick out the  vegetarian and vegan options.

The beauty products, spas & brands that we review in this section of the website will be cruelty free – this means the brands don’t test on animals. We cannot guarantee the huge companies that own these brands don’t own other brands which do test on animals, which we know affects what some of you buy.