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New Generation Sheet Masks from Maskorea

When someone mentions the a face mask, we usually think it’s just a skincare add-on… but why does it have to be?

The launch of maskorea masks signalsthe next generation of facial sheet masks in the UK. Inspired by the South Korean 12-step routine, maskorea’s 3-step regime essentially gives you a mini facial in a pouch. With a pre mask cleanser and post mask cream included,the 3-step process ensures that you get a full skincare regimen all at an incredible price too. These are definitely something we’ll always have on hand for a Sunday evening pamper session!


Simple to use, hygienic, and packaged in its own portable compact pouch to ensure that you use the perfect dose each time. No mess. No waste. Just 100% goodness. And,not tested on animals! *clapping hands emoji*