Charcoal Infused Make Up Brushes
Beauty,  Cruelty Free

Charcoal Make-up Brushes | Vegan & Anti-Microbial

Activated charcoal is a beauty buzz-word this year. Be it toothpaste or face wash – it can all harness charcoal’s detoxifying and purifying properties. Now the ingredient is being infused into our make-up brushes, but what makes it so special?

Charcoal has purifying properties and so is a great ingredient for skincare for blemish-prone skin. In a make-up brush, the charcoal also acts like an antibacterial shield to ensure that applying make up isn’t causing you break-outs. 

Putting L.A.B.2’s cruelty free make up brushes to the test

L.A.B.2 ‘s Charcoal Infused Cruelty Free Make Up Brushes, RRP £19 for a set of 4, are being put to the test to see how they perform. Does the added ingredient actually make a difference?

First impression

The set includes a foundation brush, powder brush, angled blush/highlight brush and a pointed concealer brush. They all look very sleek and right at home on a vanity, as below. Each brush is Anti-microbial, meaning they stay fresher for longer – and you needn’t worry about ever washing the charcoal off as the brushes are permanently infused.

First use

The handles are good quality and comfortable to hold during make-up application. The bristles are incredibly soft to touch and doing my makeup is a real treat as it goes on smoothly and well blended.

The powder brush is particularly lovely, as it’s fluffiness disperses powder finely over the face in a very even way.

Also, just knowing that the brushes are infused with charcoal made me feel like your being kind to my skin!

Final thoughts

So after using them for over a week now on and off, it’s safe to say that even without the charcoal these brushes get a big thumbs up in terms of performance, quality and being super affordable. BUT the charcoal is definitely an added bonus – it ensures that the brushes stay in good shape for longer between washes. Read the guide here to making brush cleaning easier.

You can check out L.A.B.2 brushes online here.