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We decided to create a 100% cruelty free hub on the Barefaced site! As we review things all around London and the world, the entire site (sadly, yet) cannot guarantee be completely cruelty-free, but we hope this section will encourage more to follow this lifestyle & see how easy it is to make small changes every day.

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    OK, first of all, just look at it. The New Nude palette really is a thing of beauty and there’s no denying it’s insta-worthy aesthetic.  Though called ‘The New Nude’, this isn’t a typical beige and browns kind of eye shadow palette but more of a mauve and pinks colour story, as Huda herself has stated these are nudes reinvented (also the names of the shadows play up to the ‘nude’ theme which colours such as ‘Bare’, ‘Lace’ and ‘Spanked’).…

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    Pumpkin spice lattes, chunky knits and of course, muted berry shades on the nails are some of the best things about Autumn! Vegan nail polish brand butter LONDON has launched their newest seasonal collection, featuring 10 warm shades for those chilly days. We take a look at the new collection. Our favourite vegan nail polish shades in the collection How delicious are these autumnal shades?! Favourites include the deep teal shade ‘Bang On!’, a deep wine red shade called ‘Afters’,…

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    The All-Natural Acne Game Changer

    A soap bar usually doesn’t garner much excitement around here, but the Sister & Co. Ultimate Detoxifying Soap Bar with Activated Charcoal has us singing its praises from the roof tops! Most of us will have heard about the ‘ingredient of the moment’, Activated Charcoal. It is found in a number of kind-to-skin (especially acne prone skin) products, such as these make up brushes. But when you really take a look at what charcoal actually DOES on the skin, it’s…

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    Activated charcoal is a beauty buzz-word this year. Be it toothpaste or face wash – it can all harness charcoal’s detoxifying and purifying properties. Now the ingredient is being infused into our make-up brushes, but what makes it so special? Charcoal has purifying properties and so is a great ingredient for skincare for blemish-prone skin. In a make-up brush, the charcoal also acts like an antibacterial shield to ensure that applying make up isn’t causing you break-outs.  Putting L.A.B.2’s cruelty…

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    Favourite snacks: When only something sweet will do

    Doisy & Dam SNAPS These new superfood SNAPS are thin, crunchy shards of delicious dark choccie, perfect for snacking on when you are craving a bit of sweet but are being healthy. They come in two delicious flavours: Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt; and Coconut & Lucuma. Please don’t make me pick a favourite, they are both delish. Both of these unique flavour combos are vegan, gluten-free and made from the smoothest single-origin Colombian chocolate. You can pick up…