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Beach Blanket Babylon, Nottinghill

Beach Blanket Babylon (BBB) Nottinghill is somewhat of an institution for opulent and decadent events,
so I was truly delighted to be invited to dine in such a fairy-tale setting.

BBB’s decor, with its grand chandeliers, velvet sofas and open fireplaces, oozes glamour and warmth. The restaurant comprises of different areas, all connected higgledy-piggledy, through bridges and alleyways. My boyfriend and I were led through the chic bar area, up a swinging-bridge style stair-case and into the Chapel.

The Chapel really is the jewel of the restaurant – like an Aladdin’s Cave, regally set apart from the ground floor. Though tucked away, it offered privacy without the feeling of missing out from the rest of the restaurant and bar’s atmosphere.

We started where one  most certainly should start at a place renowned for its drinks: the cocktail menu. Some truly exotically- named creations were on offer, which made it even harder stick to Dry January during this review. I was not left disappointed
with the alcohol-free selection however, and ordered a fruity mix of sweet deliciousness called a Passion Berry Punch to quench my thirst. My boyfriend was no fool and went straight for the Blueberry Bourbon – a muddle of moonshine whiskey, blueberry, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, which he gleefully devoured.

Our attentive and friendly waiter brought us some fresh crusty bread with oil and balsamic vinegar, while we perused the menu. My choice of starter was a smooth, velvety butternut squash & truffle soup , with the boyfriend opting for the intriguing vodka infused salmon.

For mains, my meat-hungry boyfriend went for a classic braised lamb shank with crushed sweet potato & rosemary-infused red wine with a side of broccoli, which (even as a vegetarian) I must say looked divine.  I was relieved to see that the vegetarian options were numerous and exciting. I opted for a scrumptious spinach and goat’s cheese tart, which was beautifully presented and tasted wonderfully fresh.

Though quite full from the very generous portion sizes, we could not pass up the dessert. The pecan pie served with calvados cream was juicy and unlike any pecan pie I have tasted before, while the panettone & butter pudding with a warm brandy anglais really was just the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Though the restaurant is super stylish, with a very European baroque atmosphere, the food was traditional comfort food with a luxurious twist.

The amazing cocktails, plush surroundings and quality dining make BBB a prefect first date or anniversary dinner location.

BBB,45 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill London,W112AA;020 7229 2907